Save the world, buy Refrigerator Penguins

Save the world, buy Refrigerator Penguins. We help global warming; that is a fact. This suggests that if we continue with our technological advances the in the way we are doing now, the only place where penguins would be able to survive in the near future is in artificially cooled places. This is a bit ironic, since the artificially cooling of places is exactly what destroyed the natural habitat of penguins in the first place.

HidingOutMoving into industrial revolution 2.0, it almost appears we are aiming at having real penguins in artificially cooled places. Instead, I would like to see real penguins in naturally cold places. Then, if absolutely needed for some odd reason or another, if we want to have penguins in artificially cooled places, why not settle for artificial penguins?

This is where the refrigerator penguins come into the picture. These are artificial penguins, fitted with a magnet, perfectly suited to decorate artificially cooled places, such as your home refrigerator.


This is the deal. For every set of refrigerator penguins sold, sold at $8 (excluding $2 shipment cost), I will donate $4 to the World Wildlife Foundation. The remaining $4 covers the material costs. My contribution will be the time/effort to produce and ship.

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